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An Industry in Crisis

The Australian media industry is broken. 

More media workers are freelancing than ever before, yet freelancing is less secure, less safe, and less profitable.

Freelancers are getting organised and standing together to end the crisis. 

Together we are working to make rates fair and transparent, get paid on time for our work and be protected from exploitation.

Rate Tracker

The MEAA Rate Tracker is a tool by members, for members. By anonymously telling your colleagues what you were paid for a gig you're helping to build transparency and prevent undercutting. 

The more information you can provide, the more useful it is for all of us, and the closer we get to being able to set fair standards for freelancers in Australia.

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Benefits of Membership

The National Freelance Committee

We are working freelance journalists from across Australia and proud MEAA members. 
We aim to build power for freelance journalists to win a stronger industry with fair pay and respect for freelancers.

Aarti Betigeri

Freelance Journalist

Andrew Carlile

Freelance Media Photogapher

Ben Eltham

Freelance writer, journalist, researcher

Erin Delahunty

Freelance writer, elected member of MEAA National Media Section

Fran Molloy

Freelance journalist, elected member of MEAA National Media Section

Greg Hall

Freelance Journalist

Jeanette Severs

Freelance journalist and photographer

Madonna Deverson

Freelance news researcher, Fact Checker, Copywriter, Content Producer, Brand Strategist

Marcus Strom

MEAA Media Federal President

Dr Martin Hirst

Freelance journalist, writer, artist

Marisa Wikramanayake

Freelance Journalist, MEAA Media Vic Branch President

Sandra Godwin

 Freelance journalist, writer, editor and communications specialist